Visa Chargeback – How To

Find out all your payment information from Amazon Payments,,  Mine was charged through on the 24th of November however it didnt show up on my Visa statement till the 27th of November.


Call your Credit Card company, and ask to file a chargeback dispute. Give them the information that you purchased a product that was supposed to ship in June 2015, however the company is no longer communicating with you, and is not responding to updates on the status of the product. They have now said the product has been delayed and that partial refunds will be issued in October. Most credit card companies will understand this and put the claim in. My CC company took the report, and then followed up with a letter asking for my proof. I included the following screen shots and used to fax Visa all the details. Using a Program like Skitch to annotate your pictures and blur out non relevant information.


I phoned Visa after 2 weeks to check the status of the chargeback (I was late getting back to them as my wife and I had our first child in late August… so we were 3 weeks late getting them the above information), they in turn called Visa International regarding it and the next day I was awarded my chargeback. There are many chargeback resource websites, however being Canadian I used this one for Tips.

Just remember to read your credit card companies policies, some may not allow a chargeback being so long ago. My CC company did not want to pursue it until I told them that it was a pre-order for an item that should have shipped in June, and now its delayed further. I started my chargeback in August and it is finally resolved today.

*disclaimer – This is not a guarantee that it will happen, however it is another tool in your box to…

** Will edit in the future to show the refund on my statement. Notice the refund amount is higher than my pledge of $299, its simply exchange rate conversion.. I’m Canadian,  Eh?

And here it is in my online statement..EasyWeb



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