[Updated] Report of Arist paying employee salaries in cash

UPDATE: There is now at least one individual who can prove the Chiu brothers pay with cash-only to skirt the MPF.

An anonymous contributor writes in:

[Arist] is suspected to have given full-time employees the option to have their salaries paid cash-in-hand (usually by checks) instead of the conventional bank transaction. This is believed to be a dirty workaround to evade income tax and¬†Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF for short, a compulsory pension fund for HK employers and employees). It is illegal for HK employers not to comply with the scheme and contribute their portions. They wrapped it up and¬†allegedly claimed that it’s flexible to both parties and the company can pay more to their employees with the contribution going straight to their employees instead of the MPF.

So let’s think, if a company is treating its employees in such an illicit manner, how much worse will they treat their investors/backers on the outside?



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