Pictures of Arist [model] at the Hong Kong ICT Awards

Despite claims in their latest Kickstarter update that their renderings were private and threatening legal action against leakers, a facebook post from Hong Kong ICT Awards shows Benson and Nelson Chiu standing next to the ‘new’ Arist. Does anyone who’s ever beheld a superautomatic believe this thing will be able to fit water, a grinder, dredge container, bean hopper etc?

Thank you to KS backer M who did a lot of investigative work to uncover these photos.



9 thoughts on “Pictures of Arist [model] at the Hong Kong ICT Awards

  1. Jake, they have said that they will give refunds at an appropriate time. This is because they are afraid of a class action law suit from Kickstarter users. However, even if they give refunds, they will have successfully defrauded the Hong Kong government and used their fraud to power their careers in Hong Kong.

    Thank you for starting this blog. Please make this plan as widely known so that the people of Hong Kong do not suffer from these fraudsters.

  2. During their campaign, they convinced a large number of their friends to back their campaign at a launch party and immediately provided refunds to those persons. I have photographic evidence of the fact that they did this.

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