NBition resume exaggeration and what the company used to do in a past life

We believe NBition used to be a crap-tastic app developer on Windows mobile. To get a feel of what kind of products NBition may have produced around April 2014, look here and here. This great app by “ToSavour” which we believe is another NBition alias is an Asian photo porn app. Another set of apps seemingly blatantly copies from Flipboard’s brand name and logo: here and here.

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The point of this post is not to criticize NBition or anyone for being an app developer. Rather, it’s to point out the deceitfulness of the Arist campaign. It was promised that machine development began in March of 2014. Yet the apps have been updated as recently as last May. It shows that NBition wasn’t working on Coffee when they said they were. They seem like they’d be comfortable ripping off a brand like Flipboard, which would also be disquieting.

Backer Dan_R elaborates on Arist Resume White Lies

I can’t comment on the games since I haven’t looked into that. We do have strong reason to believe that Tosavour is Benson/nBition – he said in the most recent update that he just closed Tosavour since it’s not needed anymore. Tosavour seems like a very good example of the repeated tendency to exaggerate and make things appear more successful (or to have accomplished more) than reality.

Example? In describing the first customer for their smartphone coffee app (Garffee) they promoted: “Our first client, ToSavour has targeted opening chain coffee shops in all MTR stations” – but they didn’t say that they and Tosavour are one and the same! Saying you have a client for your product when you are that client is misleading, no? And then saying Tosavour is targeting opening coffee shops in all MTR stations is misleading because it sounds like Tosavour is in the middle of deployment so it must be a sizable company with lots of resources (which makes it sound like nBition has been vetted by a big company), no?

Exaggeration abounds – how about the nBition website regarding Benson Chiu: “has worked in Microsoft, IBM, CIBC, and founding startup in Silicon Valley”. Wow, founded a startup in Silicon Valley? But look on Linkedin at his resume – where is that? I see internships and consulting roles in Canada for “Sushi Hut”, a bank, etc and later junior engineering positions in Redmond at Microsoft (mostly in software testing). There are no blocks of time or even a mention of even being in Silicon Valley, let alone being a founder of a startup in Silicon Valley.  Confusing, isn’t it? It makes you wonder what else might be embellished, exaggerated, or worse…



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