More on the Arist grinder lies

Backer Dan_R writes:

There’s a thread on HomeBarista where one of the posters shows he has the exact grinder part Arist displayed in the photo of their disassembled machine – look at the photo in post # 56 on the following link. That part is from a Eureka Mignon grinder which is a flat burr grinder that comes with a 50 mm steel burr set. You can take a look at that grinder here. Now look at the part shown in Arist’s photo of their disassembled machine both on the KS campaign under the heading “The Design” (it’s also on their new website) – the rectangular metal burr housing in both photos is identical. Note the Mignon is a $400 grinder and it’s dimensions are 16″ H x 8″ D x5″ W. Arist on the other hand purported to sell on KS an espresso machine incorporating this grinder for only $299 in a machine whose dimensions were listed as 17″ H x 9″ D x 6″ W? Wow, that’s an amazing feat of engineering – the Mignon grinder alone is as big as Arist’s entire machine yet somehow Arist was able to squeeze that grinder and also a state of the art superautomatic espresso machine into a package only 1″ larger in each dimension than the grinder’s dimensions and sell it on KS for 25% less than the grinder costs! I do hope Arist how they did that and also explains why their Kickstarter FAQ said they are using a porcelain conical burr grinder when in the photo of their disassembled machine we can see the Eureka Mignon parts they photographed consist of a flat steel burr set.


This is the Mignon grinder they showed in their Tosavour Facebook page, and likely where they got the part for the Arist photo shoot.



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