[Updated with FBI, Canada contact] How to get an Arist refund and contact authorities!

Dear Backers,

Benson and Nelson Chiu do not respect you, but we do.

We have to stand together or else Benson and Nelson will profit from their massive fraud. Even if they refund each of their vocal critics, they will still walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of backer money.

Write on Kickstarter, and keep writing:

Benson and Nelson, we saw the refund procedures listed on www.AristScam.com and will keep asking for a refund until you have offered us one. Please give me a refund.

Even if Benson and Nelson decide to refund 100 vocal backers, they’ll still be walking away with $807,739 in profits. Plus, they have Hong Kong government money.
After you receive your refund, comment here, or join our facebook group so that we can build a community and bring justice to the Chiu brothers.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Please stand together and e-mail [email protected] with the following:

Benson and Nelson stated that they qualified for the ICT award because they shipped 1,000 Arists back in July 2014. (http://startupbeat.hkej.com/?p=17198)

However, according to this site, Benson and Nelson were still modifying an existing Jura coffee machine as of July 2014. (http://aristscam.com/brazen-benson-bragging/) (http://aristscam.com/arist-ripped-off-mobile-control-of-a-coffee-machine-from-a-2012-youtube-video/)

Please revoke this reward immediately to avoid further disgracing Hong Kong.

Thank you,

Backers of the Kickstarter Scam, Arist

Worldwide do this:

1. Go to www.ic3.gov.
2. Click on “File a Complaint.”
3. Read the terms and click “I Accept.”
4. Fill out the form.

Report the alleged crime to the on-line shopping website you dealt with (kickstarter, and Amazon)

If you’re in the US do this:

Please contact the Washington and Illinois attorney generals through these linked forms.

If you’re in Canada do this:

Report to the RCMP. [Benson and his brother allegedly have family in Toronto.]

1. Contact the police service of jurisdiction in your area.
2. Report the fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by going to their website or by calling 1-888-495-8501.



One thought on “[Updated with FBI, Canada contact] How to get an Arist refund and contact authorities!

  1. I’m glad to see that Benson refunding/silencing(he thought) the loudest critics has only spawned new louder critics 🙂 He will in the coming days release anyone who wants out, if you keep up the pressure. My advice is, don’t wait around and let it play out the way Benson wants it to. Don’t believe in his Oct promise. You have seen evidence of how he lies.

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