Arist’s Next Update May Make or Break this Project

We understand that you’ve already applied for three patents and you shipped 1,000 Arist machines in July 2014. Congratulations!

For the next update, it would be great to have more concrete information:

1. How long will the milk stay cooled for?

2. We understand that a few baristas have received Arist machines in July 2014. Can they make short 20 to 30 second videos introducing themselves and where they’re located? People would love to hear about their favorite parts of the Arist and it’ll inspire a ton of confidence. Low-quality webcam videos would be perfectly fine.

3. Can you introduce your engineering team, their background and what part of the Arist they’re responsible for?

4. Can you show us copies of the three patent applications, including your name and the date of filing on it, but with the confidential and proprietary parts blacked out?

5. Did you receive financial support from the Hong Kong government? What kind of financial support did you receive?

6. What medium did you use to sell the 25,000 units?  Which, if any, retailers have placed purchase orders? What countries do they reside in? What is your future plans for those markets?

7. Did you reject any press from viewing your machine? It seems like only mainstream non-technical press were allowed to view your machine. Why?

8. We read from SCMP that you needed to use screwdrivers and a pencil to tune the machine to produce coffee. How many reporters did you need to do this for? Why? Is this a standard part of operating your machine?

It’ll be great to learn more about your team and efforts. We don’t think any of the above is confidential, and this will rebuild trust in your company.

Reference : SCMP article (dated on May 19, 2015)