Fawning Hong Kong press does not push Nelson Chiu on the Arist lies

Thank you to the anonymous contributors who brought this to our attention and provided a translation. The Hong Kong Economic Journal is one of the major local newspapers, and StartupBeat has a section covering HK based start-up related news.

A StartupBeat article was published today in Hong Kong. Like previous articles here and here the media outfit did a poor journalistic job. While it asked some questions of Arist, it fundamentally failed to press Nelson/Benson Chiu on their lies and deceit and failed to interview any Kickstarter backers.

  • The Hong Kong ICT Awards judges are interviewed and continue to claim that Arist deserves the prize against all odds – essentially the entry requirement for the competition is that ‘the product, application or service offered by the company must be launched or in operation for at least three months before the date of entry into the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015.’
  • In defense, Nelson Chiu made a rather infuriating argument:


Translation: “We already had baristas using our coffee machine since last July and we’ve sold over a thousand 1st-generation coffee machines. [Allegedly, the Kickstarter machine is 2nd gen., and the newest revision is 3rd gen.]

There has been a vigorous discussion in one of the local forums with regards to this scam, one person says that he’s been to about 70% of the cafes in Hong Kong, without seeing any Arist machine in action, and suspects the legitimacy of such statement. AristScam believes Nelson is carefully parsing his words. When confronted he’ll probably say, a few baristas have been using Arist but it’s been sold to a thousand coffee shops, and therefore he wasn’t lying. Regardless, this claim seems dubious.

Even if Nelson’s claim was true, it would still be complete hypocrisy. On one hand he says there are baristas already using this machine. On the other hand he can’t video the machine in action because then it would be exposed to the world and would crush the patent application. So which is it?



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