[Updated with Letter 2] Benson threatening me with a lawsuit, and asks me to take down this website. Threatens me by mentioning my mother! Disgusting.

Hi Jake,

To allow our Lawyer to forward you a Legal Letter, I just want to confirm your contacting address as the following:


If this is not the right one, please reply us the way to contact, otherwise we will have to defer this work to our lawyer on looking up your contacting address.

I personally don’t want to take this into court, but as I have to take the right action to report to our investors committee due to your action, I have no choice to take legal action against you in person. Unless you will remove all information within 24 hours that has been posted to AristScam.com from any publicly accessible channels (i.e, Internet, radio channels, TV channels .. etc), we can reconsider the option of not to take this legal action.

In addition, We have the record of Ms — making the pledge payment from your Kickstarter Account, I just want to confirm your relationship with Ms. —  that she is your mother, and —– is her full legal name.

All information has been recorded and copies has been make to file this claims.


Dear Jake,

As you have decided to ignore our advice, you give us no choice but to defer this case to our lawyer.  From this point onwards we will not contact you personally any more.

Just my final message to you as a friend since I know you are being influenced.  I hope by now you understand those anonymous sources are using your identity to spread false allegations of a defamatory nature, which is illegal. I know who they are and they could have said all these themselves, but instead they chose you because you have given them the opportunity to do irresponsible things that can lead to legal issues.  And now, you will take all the blame because you have become the scapegoat.  These are false information that you have been spreading as if they are true.

Maybe many people around you are comforting you by telling you not to worry, but this is your own issue, not anyone else’s. We have a confirmation of your information already.  You will receive our legal claim shortly. To be honest, I didn’t want to have to do this. I have tried to explain it to you already before.




8 thoughts on “[Updated with Letter 2] Benson threatening me with a lawsuit, and asks me to take down this website. Threatens me by mentioning my mother! Disgusting.

  1. If this is the same lawyer that does Arist’s patent filing, you can expect to receive that legal letter a few decades from now – if ever. Benson doesn’t say what he is suing you for. What is the official indictment?

  2. It’s quite difficult to tell, which of Benson’s statements are true — and which are not.

    However, any self-respecting investor would have replaced Benson as CEO because he greatly adds to the damage by infuriating the backer people (among other things).

    So I guess, there simply are no investors involved — at least not professional ones.

  3. Jake, in the US you are allowed to post this kind of information with no legal repercussions . If you happen to not live in the US and need to transfer this site and/or ownership to be in the clear let me (I’m sure there are others, too) know.

    1. Nope, I’m in the US. I’ve always made clear that I’m presenting evidence and have other sources. Wouldn’t you agree? I don’t think he has any case…

  4. Furthermore, on the issue of whether Arist has already hired a lawyer to bring aristscam.com down: No Benson has not. A real lawyer, if he would have been involved, would have chosen a different approach because typically in such cases, time is of the essence. The approach Benson has chosen would not have been the approach if he had taken legal advice.

  5. Well… yes it s true. they gave a silent refund. At this point, and seeing how they deal with ppl…I m happy i ve got it. (still waiting for money to show in my bank account tho)

    If I were all the other users I ll keep asking and start calling BS on what they stated about not refunding silently anybody… they are doing it so the media pressure will lower down.

    …honestly… the idea to own that machine really drive me crazy… hoever, the way how they treat people IS NOT OK…. DOESN T MATTER IF THE MACHINE EXIST OR NOT.

    Oh by the way :
    @benson,arist team
    Can u please answer my question??

    Will we be able to see video of your arist working making coffees by June / July time of the previous delivery? If u delayed 3 months, by June u should be able to show us something….correct? If u want to deliver by October, patent should be done by June /July since u should have it before starting mass production, correct? Also, what about timing for UL and CE mark approval?will Team Arist provide proof of certification approval so hopefully we can get some people to chill a bit?
    Thank you!

    loooooool feel free anybody still in there to post in the comment area

  6. IANAL but the fact that they completely changed the final product may be considered as bait-and-switch. Does that warrant calling it a scam is probably debatable, but I think most court would not side with a company that is intentionally or not intentionally doing bait-and-switch.

    That said, if I were you I would not want to waste any more time on these clowns.

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