Benson Cheats at Kickstarter Launch


Previously, we released information that implicated Benson in a scheme to game his Kickstarter launch as well as control the comments section with false-positive comments.   Upon request we’ve decided to release further evidence of these claims (included screen shots at the bottom).

The main reason that someone would want to inflate sales like this is to catch the eye of the media and to gain a “Staff Pick” badge.  Although this isn’t illegal behavior,  it certainly isn’t honest, and what’s worse is that once again Benson has been caught lying.

When this information was originally released Benson categorically denied all  such claims and said publicly on April 29th:

QuoteAboutRefundsSome of you have come to many conclusions due to rumors, speculation, and some so called source information. They are easy to believe in as you are quite frustrated with misleading information that was not provided by us. But I am confused as to why some of you will find it believable. For example:
1) Launch Party. Yep, we hosted one and friends and family came to show their support. They are all real pledges, and no refunds were made. Kickstarter already assumes you will do your own promotions to increase exposure.

Well folks, here is some additional evidence pulled from a private WhatsApp group chat proving, at very least, Benson shouldn’t be trusted.


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