[Updated with KS comment] Arist silencing vocal Kickstarter critics by refunding them!

Update 1: Dax reached out to KS which replied “Kickstarter cannot issue refunds, so this refund must have been issued by the creator.” See comments below.

Benson and Nelson Chiu have decided to silence the opposition. They have refunded about 10 of the most vocal critics on Kickstarter. By doing this refund they are preventing us from posting on the comment section. They had hoped that they would be able to just make us disappear and make it look like everything is going great.

Benson then claimed on the comment thread that it was not him doing a refund, but perhaps Kickstarter itself. Another flat out lie.

Benson Refund Comment


Below is a screen capture of my refund clearly showing “Arist Inc.” refunded me because “Customer is requesting for refund”.

Arist Inc. Refund
Arist Inc. Refund



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  1. I also got a refund this morning… Really glad to be emotionally out of this BS scam. Its not about this money, its about someone lying to get it. Hopefully everyone else who had lost faith in this scam also got a refund. We can’t post to the KS thread any longer so hopefully everyone else will discover what happened here.
    Benson is also trying to intimidate Jake into closing this site down… apparently its bad for his scam going forward. I wouldn’t worry Jake… its not like anything posted here is made up, its all factual.

  2. I also received a refund. It would seem they have refunded anyone that asked questions about the device. I am however still waiting for the funds to clear.

    They have probably done this to a handful of backers who were asking valid questions.

    I am glad to emotionally and financially free from the Arist campaign.

    All future updates will now be backer only i imagine.

  3. Benson has now outright lied once again on the Kickstarter comments section and has said that he hasnt refunded anyone and that he hasnt removed anyone from the comments section.

    I have received an amazon notification that a refund was processed (yet funds haven’t cleared yet so i hope this is legit)

    Now due to Benson providing the refund it is stated that I am now dumped from the campaign and that now only backers and post in the comments section.

  4. Jake, if you support freedom of speech, remove the moderation on your website comments section and allow this site to be used for the purpose you supposedly originally set it up to be used for. Otherwise this will become as one sided as the Arist campaign

  5. Update: Anyone you can paste this back on the comments section if you like.
    I saw this morning that word has finally reached the comment board that Jake and I were refunded yesterday… It wasn’t KS that refunded us (what is your IQ benson?lol) it was benson, mostly so we couldn’t post anymore. Benson is a liar/scammer, this should prove it to the people on the fence.
    I did some checking and it was more than just Jake and I. Sheri, Paul, Dan and Konrad were also refunded. Maybe more.
    Take a look back at the comments section yesterday. When Benson posted his first comment; Konrad replied “such a joke” Benson then comes back and belittles him for being a $1 backer and then asks him what the joke is he’s referring to…. Benson then refunded his money so he could not reply. Seriously benson? lol
    Now he’s telling you guys he had nothing to do with it because he knows that an avalanche of people will want out. The precident has been set… he has no leg to stand on to not refund anyone who wants out of his scam.
    Dax (former hostage to this BS)

  6. Congratulations. I wish I hadn’t been quiet lately and was also refunded by Benson.

    Is there any way you can upload a screenshot from the payback done by Benson? This will prove that Benson is lying again, right?

  7. Benson is flat out denying anyone received a refund. He claims you were all mysteriously removed from the project. Can you guys post screenshots to prove he’s lying?

  8. Give jake time to get the screenshot posted. I don’t think I can upload pics to this site. If all else fails I’ll email you the screenshot of the refund email I got. Benson is flat out lying. But what else is new!

  9. Do you see what is happening now? Benson refunds everyone who asks for it, silencing everyone who publicly doubts him or the project. This will leave a large amount of backers who do not complain and do not request a refund, and thus also a large amount of money.

    I made clear that I do not want a refund, because I don’t want to be silenced like that. This website is great, but it needs to stay connected to the Arist Kickstarter comment section.

    Benson has responded very intensively. If only he was this active with answering questions from backers.

  10. The walls are closing in… you can sense the desperation in benson’s posts. I was actually surprised when he made the comment today that he hadn’t refunded anyone’s money that maybe KS did it… LoL That really makes you question this mans intelligence. That he would actually think people would believe that or that nobody would find out what had happened.
    Hi Benson! lol I know he’s coming here to see what we’re posting. too bad you can’t make the comments section backer only.. you need to refund all who want out. You’ll still have Ed and a few more. plus those 25k imaginary preorders.

    1. I was actually surprised when he made the comment today that he hadn’t refunded anyone’s money that maybe KS did it

      I think it is better to send a email to KS staff and post KS’s reply here.
      KS have the responsibility to clarify it since Benson’s comment may affect KS.

  11. I have a checklist lying beside my iPhone with all the mistakes one can make in dealing with the public.

    With Arist and Benson it goes like this:

    and check.


  12. Thanks for contacting Kickstarter.
    Your request has been updated. You can add a comment by replying to this email.

    Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
    May 18, 11:30

    Hi Dax,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Kickstarter cannot issue refunds, so this refund must have been issued by the creator.

    I hope this clarifies. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


    Dax Brady
    May 17, 14:42

    I got a refund from Arist that I did not directly ask the creator for. I think it was to get me and a few others off the comment board.. He’s now stating to other backers that he did not issue refunds to us that maybe KS took it upon themselves to refund us (to keep the rest from wanting out I’m guessing). I want clarification on this. Was I refunded by Arist or did KS initiate the refund? Thanks in Advance…
    Dax Brady

    This email is a service from Kickstarter. Delivered by Zendesk.

  13. I changed my pledge to $1 to not be ripped off and was refunded at the same time as everyone else, I’d just assumed they had refunded every $1 backer but reading the comments section on KickStarter today it seems not.

    I don’t think I was that vocal in the comments so I’m not sure why Benson targeted me, but hey at least I got my Dollar back 🙂

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